The D.E. Scorpio Corporation Commitment to Vendor Diversity



The D.E. Scorpio Corporation believes that the true measure of success of our company and projects is the impact on the communities we live and work in. We believe a diverse workforce helps to create a better community. We have consistently demonstrated a commitment to assisting the development of small, minority-owned and women-owned businesses.  We understand the challenges other small and diverse businesses face in expanding their organization. Thu our policy has always been to support and develop contractors and vendors who wish to be a part of a successful team and routinely demonstrate a commitment to excellence on each project.

Pushing the boundaries of vendor diversity is about leveling the playing field to give all firms an equal opportunity to succeed. That impact can be particularly relevant in partnering with as many diverse companies as possible throughout the execution of our projects.

Over the years, we have worked with many business owners to help them develop their business, and the message from those owners is always the same. In order to prove their capabilities, they just need an opportunity. The D.E. Scorpio Corporation provides those opportunities. Our firm has experienced success through a number of strategies to generate interest and attract diverse companies to projects.


Acknowledging the importance and talking about vendor diversity doesn’t make it a reality. We have been part of the process and are consistently looking for innovative ways to broaden the horizon for new vendors and subcontractors. Our strategies include:

Mentor Protégé Relationships

Both at the construction manager level and at the craft level, we have worked to pair established organizations with emerging diverse companies and foster an environment for learning that produces successful project outcomes. Leading by example demonstrates to other construction management firms, craft professionals, small and diverse businesses that we have yet to meet, our commitment to advancing our mission in this regard. Our direct effect towards this endeavor include:

University of Florida - 25th Annual Small Business Opportunity Fair

Frank Kendrick, President of NuJak with members of the Scorpio Team at the University of Florida – 25th Annual Small Business Opportunity Fair

  • Partnering with Foresight Construction Group: A small minority-owned construction manager.
  • Mentoring RMC-R. Murphy Construction: A small construction business
  • Mentoring NuJak : A minority-owned construction firm interested in expanding their efforts outside of Lakeland.

Packaging Work Scope

 At the time of bidding projects, we package the work in a manner that allows smaller and/or diverse companies, that may not otherwise have the financial or physical resources, an opportunity to compete. For example, larger scopes of work can be broken into smaller areas of a project. enabling more companies and smaller businesses the chance to work on a project.

Check out how we are incorporating this initiative into our workplace: Information Outreach SMWVBE


We are working at the city, county, and state level to engage in the advertisement, promotion, and participation of workshops that address project specific opportunities as well as general industry training. Our team is always visible and always available to assist however we are needed. Here are just some of the organizations we partner with to promote these events:

  • UF Division of Small Business and Vendor Diversity
  • City of Gainesville Equal Opportunity Employment Office
  • Alachua County Equal Opportunity Office – Small Business Enterprise Program
  • Florida Minority Supplier Development Council

Other strategies

Creation of a broad database for communication with local, state and national certifying agencies

Project award notifications and bid solicitations specifically targeted to register subs and suppliersGroup of business people joining hands together

Vendor outreach events tailored around major projects as the bid process occurs

Vendor appreciation and outreach barbecues

Participation in third party outreach and networking events

  • UF Small Business Opportunity fair
  • City of Gainesville Matchmaker event

We are excited for these and future opportunities to promote small, diverse, or disadvantaged business to succeed in today’s competitive climate. We look forward to furthering the momentum already established with our partnerships.

For more information, contact us:

Click here to download and fill out the Subcontractor Prequalification form

State Certification

The State of Florida’s Office of Supplier Diversity (OSD) certifies woman-, veteran- and minority owned small businesses for FREE. Certification is simple and offers the following benefits

  • Referrals to state agencies and other organizations seeking certified businesses;
  • A listing in OSD’s Certified Business Enterprise Vendor Directory;
  • Customized emails including contract opportunities, special events, networking and training announcements; and
  • Free online re-certification every two years to simplify the process.

Get Certified by the State of Florida