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Bricks and Mortar Take Center Stage

The new Sigma Kappa Sorority House at the University of Florida, designed by Hug & Associates Architects, has again been recognized for excellence. This time by the Masonry Association of Florida. Steve Bischke of Coastal, an Oldcastle company, the supplier for the Burlington Brick (manufactured by Columbus Brick Company) used in the construction of Sigma Kappa, was on-hand to receive the first-place award for Commercial/Institutional (Suppliers). The team at the D.E. Scorpio Corporation is very proud of the continued recognition the Sigma Kappa House is receiving and our valued partnership with Coastal and the many talented craftsmen responsible for the outstanding work from JAM Construction.

FMA logo

The award ceremony took place in Fort Lauderdale on October 1. The 2017 MAF Masonry Excellence Award winners were judged on the qualities of art, innovation and endurance. The projects submitted for the Masonry Excellence Awards are a celebration of the art and craftsmanship of the mason, the innovation of the contractor and architect, and the endurance of masonry materials produced here in Florida.

Projects submitted were reviewed and judged anonymously by a distinguished jury of masonry and design professionals. Consideration was given to the overall design and use of masonry, as well as the technical aspects of each project. The winning projects showed superiority in technical design and craftsmanship.

For more information on this award and the others recognized visit


Groundbreaking in St. Augustine for the University of Florida Whitney Laboratory

Building at the beach

We are always proud to announce new projects, and our newest endeavor takes us to one of the University of Florida’s hidden gems. On Saturday, December 2, 2017 we celebrated the ground breaking of The Whitney Research Village located in St. Augustine. This project will expand capacity at the University of Florida Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience allowing more students to be educated and welcoming additional visiting scientists. The construction of a new Village provides the needed research infrastructure to pave the way for UF preeminence in marine science. Phase 1 of the Research Village features include: 6 coastal-style cottages with 24-bed capacity (doubling the housing capacity), LEED design and construction, dune restoration landscape, outdoor classroom, living room and collaboration spaces.

Edited 007About The University of Florida Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience

Less than two hours from Gainesville on a peninsula across from St. Augustine beach sits the Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience. Founded in 1974, the facility is made up of the main laboratory, Center for Marine Studies Education Building, and housing for their undergraduate, graduate, and visiting scientists.

The primary mission of the Whitney Laboratory is to “use marine organisms in basic biological research to apply where pSSSL0705ossible, the novel results of this research to problems of human health, natural resources and the environment.” Students have a unique opportunity to work hands-on with local wildlife inside and outside the lab. However, this facility serves a lot of different purposes that extend beyond the needs of their students. They host outreach science education programs for local K-12 students and organize monthly public lectures to help build marine science awareness in the community.

In addition to their education and public awareness programs, Whitney Lab is also home to a Sea Turtle hospital. During its first year open, they were able to rehabilitate and return nine seas turtles back into the wild! The D.E. Scorpio Corporation is thrilled to be able to work in conjunction with an organization that is so passionately devoted to its students, community, and the environment. Visit their website for more details!

YouTube video on turtle hospital:


Tis the season- For buying!

It’s the time of year to shower our family and loved ones with tokens of our gratitude and appreciation. Here at DE Scorpio, we like to do the same for our business partners, clients and colleagues as well. As our business continues to grow, so does that list.

In the lead-up to the holidays, the D.E. Scorpio Corporation is inundated with catalogs, emails and advertisements, each offering “the perfect solution” to our holiday gift-giving needs. And in years past, we’ve leaned on traditional companies to provide that solution, for all the usual reasons: it’s quick, easy, and guaranteed to arrive on time. But this year, we’ve taken a more thoughtful approach to how we show our love.

Giving with an Impact

This year’s holiday gift giving was launched with a mission that dovetails perfectly with our corporate mission: advancing communities by providing superior construction and civic leadership. The D.E. Scorpio Corporation is committed to sourcing all of our gifts locally in support of the national “shopping holiday” Small Business Saturday. While this does require more research, consideration, and some extra planning, it’s the right thing to do. So instead of ordering in bulk from catalogs, we’re tapping local business for the holiday treats we send out, and enlisting the help of a local florist to ensure the presentation and delivery are top notch.

The D.E. Scorpio Corporation still considers itself a small, family-owned business. Nearly all our clients and partners are right here in Alachua County, many of which are small businesses themselves. What we love most about our community is how deeply we value homegrown entrepreneurship and our dedication to a resilient local economy. We are doing our best to  embody those values whenever and however possible.

Embracing Small Business Saturday

Few will ever forget the impact that the Great Recession had on large and small businesses around the nation. The Business Journals of U.S. Census Bureau reports that between 2008 and 2010, 170,000 small businesses shut down, and the economic ripple effects were felt far beyond the owners. In 2010, with many communities hurting from the loss, American Express launched a brilliant marketing campaign. In an effort to drive consumers offline and out of big-box retailers for a day, Small Business Saturday was born, encouraging patronage your friendly neighborhood entrepreneurs. Anchored on the Saturday between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, in six short years, Small Business Saturday has produced a profoundly positive impact on local economies and the way we think about spending our holiday dollars.

More than Just Dollars and Cents


But the impact we hope to make goes beyond the financial. By sourcing our gift locally, we are reducing adverse effects on the environment. This choice drastically reduces the carbon footprint of every package sent, by saving the thousands of miles it would travel from a distribution center. Packaging styrofoam and plastic waste is also dramatically reduced.

We’re not perfect, but we are taking increasingly bold steps to serve our mission. We hope you will join us in choosing local and supporting our friends and our neighbors. We guarantee you will be glad you did. Whether on Small Business Saturday, or any other day, supporting small businesses is a win for everyone.


Women in Construction

Women in Construction: Breaking down barriers.

The word ‘skilled’ doesn’t discriminate and neither do we. We used to live in a world where a woman’s choice of profession consisted of homemaker, teacher, nurse or secretary and men could be, well, everything else. Luckily, that world is in the past. Today, women don’t just hold roles in every industry, they dominate them. Companies have come to value the skills women bring to the table as they sit as equals beside their male counterparts. The construction industry is no stranger to appreciating the role of minorities in the success of their business, and it demands hardworking women with a drive to break the mold.

Last year 939,000 women worked alongside their equally capable, talented, and hardworking male counterparts to imagine, plan, and construct the urban landscapes we love. However, this is still only 8.9% of the total workers in construction careers. The traditional association of men to hard hats is engrained in our culture from the moment we start playing with either Legos or dolls. Any career path in construction requires a creative mind, a motivated attitude, ability to problem solve, and a desire to work hands-on among a diverse group of professionals. These attributes do not know gender. They can inhabit any individual who may have a passion for building something bigger than themselves.

Fortunately, the construction industry’s desire to hire women is reflected in their impact on the wage gap. Women in construction make about $0.93 per $1 that men earn, versus the national average of $0.82 per $1. This gap is closing further as women become increasingly skilled in their trades and prominent figures in the industry. There are also vast possibilities of advancing into leadership type roles where women have already proven themselves formidable opponents to the outdated stereotypes of the industry. In 2010, more than 1/3 of the construction positions held by women were managerial or professional. Over the years, more women have forged their own path to success by cutting the red ribbon on their own firms, but there is still more work to be done to ensure equality in the relationship between government funding and minority/women owned companies. Although there is legislation to close this gap, they still fall short on meeting contract quotas for minorities and women. However, cities like Orlando, FL have goals of 6% or more to specifically allot business to WBE’s, Women Based Enterprises.

Despite the current deficit in the influence of women in the construction industry, changes are being made to allow motivated and hardworking women to enter a successful career in the field.   The D.E. Scorpio Corporation has always and will continue to recruit and promote women into this field.  Our commitment to minority and women owned business is reflected in all our partnerships, and is one we take very seriously because it is the right thing to do.

As we close out Careers in Construction Month we are proud of the initiatives we implemented and the steps we took to further the message. We know they were small first steps, but we also know they may have played a big role in someone’s life. We will continue to promote this great industry to future generations, and especially to those who are working to break down barriers.AAEAAQAAAAAAAALuAAAAJDcwNmQzNTc5LTM5NmYtNDUyNi04ZTQ4LTU3YTY5MDE1YjhlYw

Small, Minority, Women and Veteran Business Enterprises: Norman Hall Renovation Project Information Outreach

Bringing women, minorities, and veterans to the forefront of employment opportunities in the construction industry is an initiative that is vital for the community and the success of any project. D.E. Scorpio Corporation alongside Foresight Construction Group, is hosting an event to help bring this mission to reality. We encourage all contractors and vendors to come out to the Holiday Inn University Center on October 24th to discuss the upcoming UF Normal Hall Campus Renovation and Expansion Project and how your firms can get involved.

Check out this flyer for more details on how to register!

norman hall

Don Gibson joins Team Scorpio as a Superintendent

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 9.12.42 AMD.E. Scorpio is happy to announce the addition of Superintendent, Don Gibson, to our team.  Don began his career in the electrical field, having grown up in the family business in Ocala, FL and transitioned into construction management as an MEP coordinator.  Don recently served as the Superintendent for the construction of Dixie County High School.

Don was drawn to D.E. Scorpio Corporation for several reasons, “I heard D.E. Scorpio was a local, family-oriented company that was growing.  It came highly recommended to me by sub-contractors I have worked with in the past. I am amazed by the hospitality that everyone at the company has already shown me.  I knew I made the right decision coming here.”

Don spends most of his free time with his wife and two children who love to go hunting and fishing together. Please join us in welcoming Don as the newest member of Team Scorpio.

October is Careers in Construction Month!

Through Workforce Development, D.E. Scorpio is doing its part to close the gap between the amount of skilled tradesmen and the demand for them. Keep up with our efforts here!

Through Workforce Development, D.E. Scorpio is doing its part to close the gap between the amount of skilled tradesmen and the demand for them. Keep up with our efforts here!




Community Joins Forces

After years of advocating and fundraising, plans are finally underway to make some much needed renovations to the Boys and Girls Club of Alachua County. Generous donations of funds, services, and materials by both local and corporate businesses helped to bring this wonderful community project to fruition. We are so excited to get started on this project, which is set to begin mid-September!


Waldo Fire Station #40 Ribbon Cutting

The ribbon cutting ceremony at the Waldo Fire Station #40 marked another successful project under our belt! D.E. Scorpio is always honored to be able to support the endeavors of our community. Check out this article  for more details on the ceremony!

Andy Cowart Joins D.E. Scorpio as Project Engineer

Andy CowartProject Engineer

Andy Cowart
Project Engineer

The D.E. Scorpio Corporation is happy to announce the addition of a new Project Engineer, Andy Cowart, to our team.  Andy joins the D.E. Scorpio team after working as a Project Manager and Realtor for Norfleet Homes and Keller Williams Gainesville Realty. Andy began his career as a supervisor and has worked primarily with residential companies but looks forward to growing his career with commercial projects at D.E. Scorpio. Andy attended Santa Fe College.

Andy was drawn to D.E. Scorpio because of our reputation, stability and opportunities for growth within the company, and the outstanding team already in place. “Living here for 31 years, I had heard nothing but positive things in the community about Domenic Scorpio and more recently the D.E. Scorpio Corporation,” said Andy.

Andy enjoys spending quality time with his family, playing golf, fishing, watching college football and taking spontaneous trips.

Please join us in welcoming Andy as the newest member of Team Scorpio.