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Florida Announces Timeline for Upgrades to Softball, New Baseball Facility and New Stand-Alone Football Training Complex

The Facilities Master Plan includes a renovation of Katie Seashole Pressly Stadium, a new ballpark for baseball and a new football stand-alone training complex.

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Gainesville Florida General Contractor Construction Management Manager North Central Design Build Company D E Scorpio Corporation Domenic Domenique Builder Renovation Addition Expansion University of Florida Gators

UAA Katie Seashole Pressly Stadium / Renderings by Walker Architects

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The University of Florida Athletic Department announced significant facility plans Friday, to include program-changing upgrades to its current softball stadium, a new baseball ballpark on the southwest part of campus, and a new stand-alone football training complex in the location of the current baseball stadium. These projects, which combined are estimated to cost $130 million, are part of phases 2 and 3 of the University Athletic Association’s Facilities Master Plan.

Original facility plans called for the UAA to renovate the baseball stadium and build a football training complex north of the Percy Beard Track, but after an extensive review with contractors and architects, it was determined that building a new baseball ballpark and locating the football training complex on the current baseball stadium site is a better long-term solution for the athletic program.

“We want to invest wisely in our infrastructure to enhance our student-athlete and fan experiences,” said Athletics Director Scott Stricklin. “And we want to make sure that we are making the best long-term decisions to create championship experiences with integrity for all of those that touch our programs. Our athletic department is consistently among the top five in the nation, and it is our intent that all three of these facilities mirror that.

“With the change in facility locations for both baseball and football, we will now adjust the sequencing for these projects. Baseball will need to be built first, which will allow us to repurpose the current baseball site and put the stand-alone football complex in that space.”

The estimated $11 million renovation to softball’s Katie Seashole Pressly Stadium will begin in the summer of 2018 with a goal for completion prior to the 2019 season. Renovations will include a 360-degree open concourse, shade structures for fans and an elevated press box. Fixed seating, which will be all chairback seats, will increase from 1,431 to approximately 2,280 and overall capacity will be approximately 2,800. There will be modern student-athlete and staff amenities, such as locker room and sports medicine facilities, and enhanced experiences for fans.

Construction for the estimated $50 million baseball ballpark, with an overall capacity of 10,000, will begin in the fall of 2018 with a completion goal prior to the 2020 season. Home plate will face northeast with the sun behind the stadium for a cooler atmosphere for the student-athletes and fans. A 360-degree open concourse will give fans constant field views and multiple seating options will be under shade. Permanent chairback seats will increase from 2,408 to approximately 5,000, while fans will also be able to choose from premium seating and non-traditional seating options to bring overall capacity to approximately 10,000. Enhanced concession space with new food options will also be available for fans, while student-athletes and staff will enjoy modern amenities and increased spaces.

Construction for the $65 million 130,000-square foot football training complex will be based on site availability and currently estimated to start in late 2019 or early 2020 with a completion goal of 2021. The facility will serve as the new day-to-day home for Florida football student-athletes and staff. Florida’s meeting rooms, locker room, strength and conditioning area, training room and coaches’ offices will all be adjacent to the practice field, creating maximum efficiency within the program. Other details are still in the development stage and will be announced later.

Florida’s new baseball ballpark will be located on Hull Road, near the Donald R. Dizney Stadium and Katie Seashole Pressly Softball Stadium on the southwest part of campus

The baseball stadium will utilize 13.63 acres of land previously occupied by the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agriculture Sciences (UF/IFAS).

The UAA will contribute $3 million to UF/IFAS, which will then invest these funds in redeveloping research and instructional facilities to benefit College of Agricultural and Life Sciences students in horticultural sciences, plant pathology, environmental horticulture, and agronomy programs. Activities previously located on this property will continue in a different campus location nearby.

“This is a win-win for UF/IFAS, our students, faculty and the university community,” said Jack M. Payne, UF senior vice president for agriculture and natural resources. “Teaching and research activities will continue and students will continue to learn in facilities and agricultural sites appropriate to the level of a top 10 public university.”

“We are fortunate to have a great partnership on campus between academics and athletics,” Stricklin said. “Collaboration with a focus on excellence enables the University of Florida to be a top 10 program academically and one of the premier athletic departments in the nation.”

“Phases 2 and 3 of our Facilities Master Plan will greatly improve efficiencies and operations in softball, baseball and football,” Stricklin said. “We’ve all seen the impact that Phase 1 made with the Indoor Practice Facility, Otis Hawkins Academic Center at Farrior Hall and the renovation of Exactech Arena at the Stephen C. O’Connell Center and we expect the same in these phases. We are very thankful for the support of our donors during Phase 1 and I am enthusiastic about the momentum from Gator Boosters moving into phases 2 and 3.”

“We are excited to know that our national championship softball and baseball teams are getting upgrades for their respective facilities and fans will have a great experience in their new stadiums,” said Dan Mullen. “I’m also thankful for the deliberative and strategic approach we are taking in building our football training complex. We will build the top facility for the University of Florida football program with the number one emphasis on doing what is best for the development of our players.”

“We are really excited about this project. Once it is completed, our student-athletes and staff will have first-class facilities that rival any program in the country,” said Kevin O’Sullivan, “In addition, the new stadium will be much more suited to provide an outstanding experience for our fans. The administration has some unique ideas to ensure that the fan experience will be like nowhere else.”

“It’s an exciting time to be a Gator. We are very thankful to have this opportunity to improve upon the championship atmosphere created by our dedicated fans, and enhance the quality of resources for our student-athletes, coaches and staff,” said Tim Walton. “The renovations to Katie Seashole Pressly Stadium will continue to provide an intimate setting for fans who want to be close to the action, while also helping keep Florida softball in the competitive hunt for championships in the Southeastern Conference and at the national level every year. Special thanks to our loyal Gator Boosters, the administration and all UAA staff members who had a hand in making this project a reality.”

The projects will be funded through private gifts, bond proceeds, and UAA investment earnings, with no state or university funding. The University of Florida Board of Trustees approved Friday a bond resolution for $50 million for Phase 2 of the UAA’s Facilities Master Plan.

Per state of Florida debt management guidelines, the Board of Governors still has to approve the bond resolution at the end of June.

The UAA has made significant progress to date and already identified funding for $73 million of the $130 million needed for the three projects (including $50 million in bonds, $13 million in philanthropic support and $10 million in UAA investment earnings). The remaining funds needed will be dependent upon the generosity of the Gator Nation as Scott Stricklin and the Gator Boosters staff continue to involve key constituents to support these important initiatives.

The full Facilities Master Plan, which will significantly impact the experience for all Gator student athletes in all 21 programs, as well as the fan experience in Ben Hill Griffin stadium, will be announced at a later date.

Information on Katie Seashole Pressly Softball Stadium Renovation: 

  • Estimated Timeline:
    • Construction Start: Summer, 2018
    • Goal for completion: Prior to 2019 Season
  • Estimated Budget:
    • $11 Million
  • Funding:
    • Philanthropic Support
    • Bond Proceeds
    • UAA Investment Earnings
  • Partners:
    • Architects and Engineering – Walker Architects and Populous
    • Construction Manager – D.E. Scorpio Corporation
  • Notes:
    • 360 Degree Open Concourse & Seating
      • The concourse will be connected across the entire stadium with open views to the field and viewing areas located along the outfield walls
    • New Elevated Press Box
      • Florida’s press box will be raised to provide an open concourse, better access and additional shade for fans seated behind home plate.
    • Shade Structures for Fans
      • Multiple sections of seats will be shaded from the sun to make for a more comfortable environment for fans
    • Modern Student-Athlete and Staff Amenities
      • Amenities include a renovated locker room, player’s lounge, training room, batting cages, etc.
      • New Locker Room, Team Lounge, Film Room, Equipment Room, Visiting Team Locker Room, Coaches Locker Room, Coaches Offices, Conference Room and Reception Area
    • Increased Seating Capacity
      • This will allow for a permanent seating capacity, which will now all be chairbacks, to increase between from 1,431 to approximately 2,280 seats, but will still leave seating areas in non-traditional places like a berm for an overall capacity of approximately 2,800.
    • Multiple Seating & Game Experience Options
      • Fans will have the ability to purchase chairbacks
    • Enhanced Fan Experience
      • All the aforementioned amenities above will make for a much better fan experience for Gator Nation
  • ALSO: In conjunction with the renovation at KSP Softball Stadium and with the Football Training Complex moving to the current baseball stadium location, the UAA will relocate its maintenance department from its current location. Costs for relocating the maintenance department and the infrastructure costs associated with the project is estimated at $4 million.


Information on Baseball Ballpark:  

  • Estimated Timeline:
    • Construction Start: Fall, 2018
    • Goal for completion: Prior to the 2020 Season
  • Estimated Budget:
    • $50 Million
  • Funding:
    •  Philanthropic Support
    • Bond Proceeds
    • UAA Investment Earnings
  • Partners:
    • Architects and Engineering – Populous and Walker Architects
    • Construction Manager – TBA
  • Notes:
    • Field Orientation
      • Home plate will face Northeast and the sun will now be behind the stadium to make for a cooler atmosphere for the student-athletes and fans.
    • 360 Degree Open Concourse & Seating
      • The concourse will be connected across the entire stadium with open views to the field, as seen in Omaha, Neb. at TD Ameritrade and many Major League Ballparks
    • Shade Structures for Fans
      • Multiple sections of seats will be shaded from the sun to make for a more comfortable environment for fans
    • Modern Student-Athlete and Staff Amenities
      • Amenities include a locker room, player’s lounge, training room, batting cages, practice field, etc.
      • Coaches Offices, Video Editing Room, Training Room with Hydrotherapy, Equipment Room, Locker Room and Player’s Lounge
    • Increased Capacity
      • All permanent seat will feature chairbacks (no bleachers), and there will multiple premium seating options  along with grass berms and non-traditional seating that will bring capacity to an estimated 10,000. Chair back seating options will increase from 2,408 to approximately 5,000.
    • Multiple Seating & Game Experience Options
      • Fans will have the ability to purchase chairbacks, a variety of premium seating options, club lounge tickets and family zone seating.
    • Parking
      • On- site parking for approximately 400-500 vehicles, along with moped parking
    • High Definition Video and Sound
      • Florida’s new baseball stadium will be equipped with a state of the art video board and sound system
    • Enhanced Concession Space and Food Options
      • Concession stands and food trucks will provide a wide array of food options
    • Enhanced Fan Experience
      • All the aforementioned amenities above will make for a much better fan experience for Gator Nation, including an area to focus on activities for children and young fans
    • Prominent and welcoming entrances
      • Florida’s new baseball stadium will feature prominent and inviting entrances, including some key areas that will highlight program accomplishments including championships and Gator greats


Information on Football Training Complex: 

  • Estimated Timeline:
    • Construction Start: Based on site availability, estimated late 2019 to early 2020
    • Goal for completion: 2021
  • Estimated Budget:
    • $65 Million
  • Funding:
    • Philanthropic Support
    • UAA Investment Earnings
  • Partners
    • Architects and Engineering – HOK
    • Construction Manager – Parrish McCall Constructors
  • Notes:
    • This facility will serve as the new daily home for Florida football.
    • Prominent and Visible Entrance
      • Florida’s new football training complex will feature a prominent entrance that is sure to capture the attention of recruits and fans
    • Team Locker Room & Meeting Areas
      • Florida’s football team will now be housed right next to its practice field, creating maximum efficiency.
    • Weight Room
      • There will be a brand new state-of-the-art strength and conditioning space dedicated to the football program and adjacent to the indoor practice facility.
    • Coaches Offices & Player Areas
      • Spaces for all of Florida’s football coaches and staff will allow for more face-to-face time with players and dedicated team and lounge space will be inviting for players and recruits alike.
    • Enhanced Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Facility with Hydrotherapy
      • Florida’s training staff will have state of the art resources to treat the student-athletes to ensure the health and development of each student athlete.
    • Future Opportunities
      • With the daily activities of the football program moving out of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, these spaces will be available for future development to benefit other student-athletes and fans. Plans for these spaces will be included with the full Facilities Master Plan announced at a later date.

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— Press Release and photos courtesy of UAA Communications:

— Katie Seashole Pressly Stadium:


Bricks and Mortar Take Center Stage

The new Sigma Kappa Sorority House at the University of Florida, designed by Hug & Associates Architects, has again been recognized for excellence. This time by the Masonry Association of Florida. Steve Bischke of Coastal, an Oldcastle company, the supplier for the Burlington Brick (manufactured by Columbus Brick Company) used in the construction of Sigma Kappa, was on-hand to receive the first-place award for Commercial/Institutional (Suppliers). The team at the D.E. Scorpio Corporation is very proud of the continued recognition the Sigma Kappa House is receiving and our valued partnership with Coastal and the many talented craftsmen responsible for the outstanding work from JAM Construction.

FMA logo

The award ceremony took place in Fort Lauderdale on October 1. The 2017 MAF Masonry Excellence Award winners were judged on the qualities of art, innovation and endurance. The projects submitted for the Masonry Excellence Awards are a celebration of the art and craftsmanship of the mason, the innovation of the contractor and architect, and the endurance of masonry materials produced here in Florida.

Projects submitted were reviewed and judged anonymously by a distinguished jury of masonry and design professionals. Consideration was given to the overall design and use of masonry, as well as the technical aspects of each project. The winning projects showed superiority in technical design and craftsmanship.

For more information on this award and the others recognized visit


Allyson Puckett Joins the D.E. Scorpio Team

D.E. Scorpio is excited to announce the addition of our newest project engineer, Allyson Puckett, to the team! Allyson joins D.E. Scorpio after graduating from the University of Florida’s College of Design Construction & Planning with her bachelor’s degree in architecture after just three years. During her time as a student, Allyson also completed an internship for Hall & Ogle Architects, Inc. in Daytona Beach.  Allyson grew up in St. Petersburg where she attended the Admiral Farragut AcadePuckett, Allyson_5x7_3689-1my College Preparatory School and, as a senior, additionally interned for Harvard Jolly Architecture.


Allyson plans to continue her education at UF’s Rinker School of Construction to pursue a master’s degree while beginning her career in Construction Management. Allyson explains she was drawn to D.E. Scorpio because of the company’s experience in the field, positive impact and core values.


“I am excited to work for an organization focused on advancing the communities in which the employees live and work. Its mission aligns with exactly what I was looking for in a company. I’m very excited to build my career here, gain valuable experience and learn from some of the most talented individuals in the profession.”


Allyson’s proud parents are Laurie and David Puckett. She has one sister, Amanda who graduated from UF with her in the spring of 2017, and who is currently enrolled in flight school for the U.S. Navy.  When Allyson isn’t working or studying, she enjoys traveling, with 32 states and nine foreign countries already crossed off her list.  Please join us in welcoming Allyson as the newest member of Team Scorpio!


To check out our other talented team members and the work they’ve completed, visit our website at